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MatMaCorp is a company dedicated to developing rapid, portable and easy to use molecular testing solutions. This has been achieved by combining engineering, life science, and information technology to create easy-to-use and affordable suite of inter-connected products. As a result, MatMaCorp has provided users the power to evaluate genetic conditions, pathogen detection and disease surveillance in applications ranging from food production, animal health and human health. It is now possible to eliminate the need for laboratory equipment like refrigerators, centrifuges, and pipettes. MatMaCorp’s products are geared towards making molecular biology and molecular diagnostic tools accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Meet our Senior Management Team

Abe Oommen, Ph.D.

Founder and CSO

Phil Kozera, M.S.

Chief Executive Officer

Heather Piscatelli, Ph.D.

Director of Biology

Michael Carrie, Ph.D.

Director of Engineering

Dustin Petrik, Ph.D.

Director of Business Development

Andrew Rush, MBA

Director of Operations

Board of Directors

Abe Oommen, Ph.D.

MatMaCorp Founder

Jim Pillen, DVM

Owner at Pillen Family Farms

Managing Director of DNA Genetics

Alexi Wellman

Chief Financial and Accounting Officer

Altaba Inc.

Jim Bishop

Retired President/Business Banking Manager

Wells Fargo

Dan Hoffman

Chief Executive Officer

Invest Nebraska

Richard Baier

President & CEO

Nebraska Bankers Association

Phil Kozera, M.S.

Chief Executive Officer