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Current molecular testing solutions for animals are slow, expensive, and need highly trained technicians to run the test and analyze the data. Furthermore, specialized equipment and a clean environment are necessary.

What if you could run a molecular test on location?

MatMaCorp has developed the Solas 8® system which is easy to use, portable, and does not require laboratory tools or technical skills. This makes for a device that provides rapid answers anywhere in the world, under any conditions, including a laboratory.

MatMaCorp systems are widely used in a variety of applications ranging from saving endangered lemurs in Madagascar, managing congestive heart failure in American cattle to on farm surveillance for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV).

How can you make fast, informed decisions about your livestock and companion animals?

The MatMaCorp System offers rapid, real-time, low throughput testing, for veterinary clinics, farms and producers, to analyze animal characteristics, provide onsite surveillance and detect genetic traits that may result in disease.


How it works

The MatMaCorp System is devised of three simple, easy-to-use components. DNA or RNA are first isolated on the Solas 8® with the MagicTip or by other means. Then targets of interest are detected using lyophilized reagents from C-SAND kits which are run on the Solas 8® instrument. Data is then analyzed from the comfort of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The entire process takes approximately 2-hours from isolation to analysis.



Collect Sample


MagicTip DNA/RNA Isolation


Select your C-SAND® Assay


Run on Solas 8®